Smart AD PVM

One Server Control Unlimited Smart AD PVMs

ViewZ Smart AD PVM Content Management Software(CMS) allows the administrator to control every Smart AD PVM in the organization’s Intranet or Internet. From a centralized location, the signage contents that reside on a centralized server would be distributed to multiple units/locations either manually or automatically based on a set schedule.

Case Application 32" & 43" Smart AD Public View Monitors

New Innovation in Retail Digital Signage – Seamless Integration of Security & Digital Signage

ViewZ’ Smart AD PVM is capable of displaying both advertising contents and the view from its built-in camera in countless variations thanks to the CMS software’s advanced content designing tools. CMS software allows the administrator to design content “schedules” with up to 1 video file, 3 image files, 1 logo file, RSS & ticker and of course the view from the built-in camera with options to scale and place each item exactly as you like.

Portrait or Landscape

Rotate your content by 90°, 180° & 270°.

ViewZ’ Smart AD PVM supports both portrait and landscape mounting. Moreover, contents can be displayed in 4 different viewing angles: 90°, 180°, 270° and 360° with unlimited custom layout options for maximum flexibility.


Smart AD PVM’s built-in wireless LAN device allows you to access the device and control Smart AD PVM in a cable-free environment.


ViewZ Smart AD PVM series monitors are ONVIF Profile-S compliant and therefore are compatible with many of the Industry’s leading VMSs and NVRs.

Convenient Management – License-Free, User Friendly

Smart AD PVM Content management software allows the administrator to easily manage advertising contents via Internet or Intranet network. The license-free software provides limitless options for layouts along with user-friendly and intuitive interface.
* Standard on ViewZ Smart AD PVM series monitors

Variable Source Selection

Image & Video files, Built-in Camera, RSS, News Ticker, Live Streaming Video & More


“Recording in Progress” message can be shown to alert customers of video surveillance taking place.

Alert System

The Alert System is a proactive tool that allows for quick response in the event of an emergency such as active shooter, natural disaster, fire etc


Blinking LED indicator on the front of the PVM comes with blue, red and purple colors.


New slimmer & lighter design with curved edges is aesthetically pleasing and fits well into high-end retail environments.


Smart AD PVM series monitors are equipped with motion sensor that enables motion detection based recording on compatible VMS and NVR platforms.

CE & FCC Listed

ViewZ Portrait Android PVM series monitors are CE & FCC certified.