Professional & Commerical

From control rooms to retail, ViewZ LED display presents exceptional images in mission critical installations & indoor commercial places.

Longer Life

LED video walls last long time. It makes more cost effective than any screen.

  • LED video wall performance won’t degrade like typical digital signage monitor.
  • Built to run 24/7 everyday, ViewZ LED tiles are built to last and backed by 3 year factory warranty.
  • LED technology offers constant, vibrant color and high brightness for the lifespan of the LED display


Easy Maintenance

Customer does not need to replace LED bulb or filters. If a pixel goes out, swap in one of the included spare LED tiles.

  • LED video walls are simple to operate and easy to repair.
  • Modular, front & back serviceable design for easy installation & maintenance.



LED panels seamlessly attach to one another to create a wide & diverse range of configurations for any applications.

  • Customer can create portrait, square and even non-rectangular layouts.
  • With higher pixel pitch, customer can make cost effective solution for enough distance viewing without downgrade image quality.

IFX Series - 28” Square Type Tile

VZ-IFX2819 – 1.9 mm pixel pitch
VZ-IFX2826 – 2.6 mm pixel pitch
VZ-IFX2829 – 2.9 mm pixel pitch
VZ-IFX2839 – 3.9 mm pixel pitch

IPX Series - 27`` Rectangular Type Tile

VZ-IPX2709 – 0.9 mm pixel pitch
VZ-IPX2712 – 1.2 mm pixel pitch
VZ-IPX2715 – 1.5 mm pixel pitch

IRX Series - 28” Square Type Tile

VZ-IRX2819 – 1.95 mm pixel pitch
VZ-IRX2826 – 2.6 mm pixel pitch
VZ-IRX2829 – 2.97 mm pixel pitch
VZ-IRX2839 – 3.91 mm pixel pitch


User-Friendly, Scalable & Powerful Digital Signage & Video Wall Controllers with Maximum Reliability

Vivid Color Display

HDR processing technology enhances image quality & vivid color display

Higher Reliability - Optional Power & Data Redundancy

Optional dual receiving cards & dual power supply, the product ensures continuity of information transmission without power or signal loss, particularly for control room & studio scenarios

Clearly Visible under Low Brightness

High grayscale level under low brightness ensures the detail of the image are clearly visible

Convenient Maintenance

Fast front & rear maintenance of tile & power box

Delicate & Smooth Video

3840 Hz high refresh rate eliminates streaks on the screen, enhances the clarity & contrast of the image, making the video picture delicate and smooth

High Visual Uniformity

Pixel by pixel calibration technology eliminates the difference in brightness & chromaticity within & between panels, improves the uniformity of display

Stack, Hanging & Wall Mount Available

ViewZ offers a range of reliable and professional stacking, hanging and wall-mounting systems your mount your LED panels safely. Please be aware of the fact that, when hanging, wall-mounting or staking your LED display or LED wall, a whole new dimension is added to LED technology.

Convenient Adjustment - Precise Floating Connector

With precise floating connector, panel and tile can achieve three dimension adjustment, which makes the screen surface flat & optimizes bright & dark lines adjustment


The light from white LED lamps and LED strip lights is usually provided by industry standard surface-mounted device LEDs (SMD LEDs). Surface-mounted device LED tiles are described by the dimensions of the LED package. A single multicolor tile may have three individual LEDs within that package, one each of red, green and blue, to allow many colors or shades of white to be selected, by varying the brightness of the individual LEDs.


ViewZ products are proudly designed and produced with the highest performance and quality in mind. As a result, each ViewZ monitor is backed by 3-Year parts and labor warranty. In the rare event that one of our products does not perform according to our specifications, ViewZ may also provide an advanced replacement unit.