Advantages of Smart AD PVM & Media Player


Both Cloud and Server based Content Management Supported

Both cloud and server based content management are supported by ViewZ Smart AD PVM & Smart AD Box. This makes it a whole lot easier for the customer to choose the method of content management that best suits their application.


Advantages of the Server based Content Management Option

Server based content management gives you full accessibility to contents and intellectual properties by letting them reside on your own server and letting your IT administrator handle all networking aspects of content management.


Eye Catching Digital Signage

Smart AD PVM’s sleek and elegant design is intended to command attention. For ultimate display flexibility, Smart AD PVM can be mounted either in portrait or landscape mode with selectable orientation and aspect ratio options.

Also, Smart AD BOX can make monitor either portrait or landscape mode with selectable orientation and aspect ratio options.


Central Management

The CMS software allows for remote management of fleets of devices in multiple locations from a single head-end. The CMS software also lets you create groups to bundle devices together based on different criteria, therefore letting you manage devices incrementally.


User Friendly CMS Software

The CMS software is extremely powerful and loaded with many features and options, giving you full access to content management. Yet, it’s also extremely user-friendly without a long & steep learning curve.


WiFi Connection

Smart AD PVM & MEDIA PLAYER’s built-in wireless LAN device allows you to access the device and control Smart AD PVM & MEDIA PLAYER in a cable-free environment.