Video Wall

Thin Bezel Monitors for Seamless Video Wall Displays

UNBS, 4K UHD, ENB, EHB, SNB & SHB video wall monitors display brilliant HD images across multiple monitors with virtually seamless gaps between the screens. Designed to work with the ViewZ Video Wall Processor series video wall controllers.

VZ-UHD series – 13 mm Narrow Bezel with 4K
VZ-UNBS series – 1.2 mm Ultra Narrow Bezel with Daisy Chain
VZ-ENB series – 0.9 mm Extreme Narrow Bezel with Daisy Chain
VZ-EHB series – 0.9 mm Extreme Narrow Bezel with  Daisy Chain & High Brightness
VZ-SNB series – 0.44 mm Super Narrow Bezel with Daisy Chain
VZ-SHB series – 0.44 mm Super Narrow Bezel with  Daisy Chain & High Brightness

Video Wall Controller

ViewZ PRO series CCTV video wall controllers are built to deliver maximum performance, reliability and user-friendliness. PRO series controllers can be controlled remotely from a central location via controller software that also has the ability for multi system/site management.

Multi Viewer

VIEWZ MV Series is a newly developed user-friendly Multi-Viewer Video Processor designed to display up to eight video sources on a single monitor or used with the VIEWZ UNBS Series monitors In a daisy-chained connection for video wall applications. This series offers preset screen layouts and customizable screen layouts.

Video Wall Mount

The ViewZ mount lineup includes various styles to accommodate most commercial installations for all sizes of monitors. ViewZ mounts are also designed for ease of installation and adjustment.

VZ-XMS – Stack-able Scissor Video Wall Mount for 43″ to 65″
VZ-WM – Variable Video Wall Mount for 43″ to 65″
VZ-CMK – Ceiling Mount for 43″ to 55″