Video Wall Controller | VZ-PRO

Applications PRO-MX 128 x 128 ch for 1080p (64 x 64 ch for 4K) /
PRO-ST 24 x 32 @1080p & Custom Inputs and Outputs
Video Wall Controller

License-Free Controller Software

VZ-PRO series’ controller software is a powerful and user-friendly software that comes bundled with PRO series servers which is also license-free. The software offers several key crucial video wall features that includes scaling, creating & saving layouts and scheduling. In addition, the CMS software allows for multiple users to have access and control multiple video walls connected to one controller.

Highly Configurable Inputs & Outputs

VZ-PRO series video wall controller are highly configurable and can be built with standard 4, 6, 8, 16, 32, 48, 64, 128 input & 4, 8, 16, 32, 48, 64, 128 output configurations as well as staggered number of inputs and outputs with up to 128 Inputs and 128 outputs on a single server.

Supports up to 9/48 Layers per Monitor

ViewZ PRO-ST & PRO-MX offers an extremely flexible layer management system. The VZ-PRO-ST & VZ-PRO-MX starts with a pixel perfect, full resolution, unscaled background layer that is the same resolution as the screen destination. VZ-PRO-ST & VZ-PRO-MX can customize the layer configuration to meet the needs of your application. The layers provide either PIP or key effects, and can be configured for HD, Dual Link (2560×1600 or 3840×1200 max) / 4K resolutions.


Full 1080p resolution output is the grounds for spectacular imagery. ViewZ PRO-ST & PRO-MX brings the latest in high-resolution video technology right into your space to ensure you can configure the security & digital signage experience in Ultra HD 4K on your videowall.


The PRO video wall controller series has pure hardware structure, which means it has no operating system, but rather utilizes the FPGA system design that provides higher  performance and reliability. Gigabit Ethernet ports are also standard to allow for faster and larger throughput to the controller.


ViewZ products are proudly designed and produced with the highest performance and quality in mind. As a result, each ViewZ monitor is backed by 3-Year parts and labor warranty. In the rare event that one of our products does not perform according to our specifications, ViewZ may also provide an advanced replacement unit.


PRO video wall series is ready to run 24/7/365 in any purpose. The PRO series is engineered with high quality, high reliability components. In addition to dual power supply and pure hardware structure, the PRO series also has features such as; FPGA-design, hot-pluggable I/O cards and dynamic thermal management ensure your system is available for 24/7 operation.