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ViewZ Commercial-Grade monitors are designed specifically for professional Security & Digital Signage installations where brilliant video performance and durable construction are requirements. Built using rugged materials and high endurance components, ViewZ Commercial-Grade monitors operate non-stop, around the clock for 6 years where consumer-grade TV and PC monitors will typically last 1 year under intermittent use. ViewZ is trusted around the world in casinos, financial institutions, government agencies and fortune 500 retailers. In addition, several major security brands private label ViewZ monitors which is a testament to our exceptional quality and customer service.

Security Professional Monitors

Grade “A” Panels, 24/7 Operation and 3 Year Factory Warranty

ViewZ monitors are built with commercial grade “A” panels that have superior color reproduction and much higher reliability. Built to run 24/7, ViewZ monitors are made to last and backed by our 3 year factory warranty.

Broadcast Production Monitors

Broadcast Production, Post-Production, Field Acquisition and Digital Cinema

ViewZ Broadcast monitors, in addition to standard advanced video processing designs, feature innovative technologies for video professionals.

Digital Signage

Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Wall Monitors, Video Wall Controllers, Video Wall Mounting Solutions and Custom Design Solutions

ViewZ is a leading manufacturer of CCTV video wall display solutions. For over 10 years, our commercial-grade video wall monitors have earned the trust of people around the world in commercial installations.


Full Line Supplier, All Glass Optics, Made in Japan

Lenses from ViewZ USA have been recognized by various customers for providing good value and meeting their needs throughout the world with high standard Japanese quality at global-standard prices.


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