Choose Commercial Grade Monitors for Video Wall

Customers often ask why they should spend more money and purchase commercial grade monitors for their video wall projects. The following information will help you to understand the advantages and benefits of commercial grade monitors.

Though most larger monitors may look the same and seemingly have the same functions and features, there are clear differences between consumer and commercial grade monitors.

Consumer grade monitors are monitors readily available at typical retailers that sell to consumers. Usually the only criteria that needs to be met for customer’s decision is that they support HD or UHD resolutions and price is reasonable.

But consumer grade monitors are not rated for commercial usage and are not made to withstand the rigors of running 24/7 in commercial environments.

Here are the Top 5 reasons you should choose commercial grade monitors for commercial applications

1. Commercial Panel

Commercial grade large monitors are built with commercial grade panels as opposed to consumer grade panels. These panels are made specifically to have as perfect as possible pixels and withstand the challenges of running 24/7 with longer MTBF (mean time between failure).

2. Thin Bezel

Commercial grade large monitors are also feature thin bezels of different degrees to make them ideal for video walls, meaning when multiple monitors are combined together to form a larger single display.

3. Interfaces

Commercial support more variety of input sources than your consumer grade monitors. It’s typical to find all digital interfaces such as HDMI, DVI and Display Port along with more unusual interfaces such as BNC, RCA, and VGA. Some commercial grade monitors also feature RS-232 communication so they can be linked and communicated to from an external RS-232 source.

4. Warranties

Commercial grade monitors typically come with longer warranties than consumer grade products. Some manufacturers even offer “advanced replacement” under warranty to ensure there’s minimal down time if a failure should occur.

5. Better Components for Higher Performance

Commercial grade monitors are built with superior components from ground up to ensure the highest performance possible to meet the higher demands of commercial applications. There are also hardware features that ensure fail-proof operation such as cooling fans to keep the BTU down and in turn, increase the product’s lifespan.